Bolivia Tours 10 Days

La Paz - Sucre - Potosi - Uyuni Salt Flat


Day 01: International Arrival La Paz
Assistance on your arrival in La Paz and transfer to your selected hotel. Free time to rest and prepare for starting your trip around this unusual city and magical country.
Meals Included: None

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Day 02: La Paz City / Moon Valley & Tiawanaku                                                                          

During the tour we will appreciate the cultural, historical, architectural, and natural wealth. Visiting The Square Murillo, Cathedral, Palace of Government, Church of San Francisco, Viewer of Quilli Quilli, Gold Museum, Market of the Witches and the Valley of the Moon, located to 15 Km. of the city. The erosion has achieved after the years to form a group of astonishing stony formations that give the visitor the sensation of having discovered an unknown world. A true one and almost "real" lunar landscape. Then we go ton hrough a highway asphalted Tiawanaku, located to 72 Km . of the city of the La Paz , arrival and we make the visit of the Museums "Lithic and Ceramic" and later on we visit the Archaeological place of Tiawanaku and their main ceremonial centres as: The Pyramid of Akapana, Semi-underground Temple, Temple of Kalasasaya, The Door of the Sun, etc. The time of the guided visit is of 2 and a half hours, to the finish of our visit we will delight of the typical lunch,                                                                    

 Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch

Day 03: La Paz / Sucre / Tarabuco
 Early morning transfer to La Paz Airport for our flight to Sucre Upon arrivel transfer to the selected hotel then we go on to TARABUCO. Located 60 Km. of the city of Sucre, to a height of 3,200 m.a.s.l.
Capital of the county Yamparaez. Tarabuco is an autochthonous indigenous population that maintains its own cultural, folkloric expressions and gear where every Sunday are carried out typical fairs in which the members of the indigenous communities market their agricultural products. Their more important party is the PUJLLAY where participate more than 60 communities every year, on third Sunday of March, one of the most important events folkloric natives in the country is carried out. This traditional party in honour to the natives that participated in the war of the independence, this party begins with the celebration of a mass in Quechua language to then continue with the parade of the dancers of great colouring in its gears. 

Only on Sundays, where it even stays the tradition, customs as well as of the exchange ( Change their products ), gear, music, dance typical, and great colouring of their textile. 
Departures: 08:30 a.m. picking up of the hotels. 

 Meals Included: Breakfast

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Day 04: Sucre Dinosaur foot Prints / Potosi                                                                                      

One of the richest discoveries in the world, a huge wall has Dinosaur footprints located 5 km from the center of the city. Is the National factory of cement where You can vist the site of Dinosaur track the world’s largest. It is scientifically proven that in this place is the greater variety  and greater number of impresions of Dinosaur footprints in the world. According to studies, these prints belong to prehistoric animals that lived in this area 65 Million to 70 million years, then we go on to Potosi by private transportation 160 kms                                                                 

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 05: Potosi & Silver Mines                                                                                                            

The City is characterized by its Baroque architecture, its beauty of churches, monasteries, temples, palaces and large houses that deck out the narrow and little streets, located to 4,070 m.a.s.l., the highest city in the world. In the skirts of the Rich Hill. In the City Tour we will visit The August 6th Square, November 10th Square, museums, churches and the famous "House of Currency", local markets and surroundings.  A visit to the mines of Cerro Rico is a fascinating, if adventurous experience, Clamber around in narrow shafts and up and down rickety ladders, while wearing a miner’s helmet and holding a miner’s lamp At one point in time, the Cerro Rico mines in Potosi held the world’s richest deposits of silver. The colonial Spanish extracted a huge amount of it, mostly through the use of cruel slave labor (an estimated 8 million Indians and African slaves died in the mines during the colonial rule), contributing to the great wealth of their mighty empire. While most of the silver was shipped back to Spain, Potosi flourished along with the mines, quickly gaining importance as one of the most important cities in the New World.                                                                                                       

Meals Included: Breakfast  

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Day 06: Potosi / Uyuni                                                                                                                   

Local bus doens’t leaave from Potosi, it’s coming from Sucre to Potosi then on to Uyuni, At time required we will leave by private car to Uyuni 150 kms aproximaletly 4 hrs Uyuni is a city in the southwest of Bolivia. It primarily serves as a gateway for tourists visiting the world's largest Salt Flat, the nearby Salar de Uyuni. Founded in 1890 as a trading post, the town has a population of 21,400 (2010 official estimate). The town has an extensive street-market. It lies at the edge of an extensive plain at an elevation of 3,700 m (12,139 ft) above sea level, with more mountainous country to the east. There is little agriculture in the area because water supplies are scarce and somewhat Saline. Today the town's primary function is as a gateway for tourists visiting the world's largest salt flats - the Salar de Uyuni. Each year Uyuni receives approximately 60,000 visitors from around the globe. The city also acts as a gateway for commerce and traffic crossing into and out of Bolivia from and to Chile, and there is a customs and immigration post downtown.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 07: Uyuni Salt Lake - Island of The Fish - San Juan                                                 

After the breakfast, we departure to the biggest Salt Desert, in mobility (  Land Cruiser – 4 x 4 ) In the itinerary you visit: 
" The Island of the Fish " populated by numerous giant cacti with heights superior to the 10 meters, from the summit you can contemplate the wonderful landscape of Salting. After our visit to the island we will have lunch and in the afternoon we will continue to San Juan's Population where we will spend the night at Family homes.Island Incahuasi ( Island of the Fish ). - Located amid the desert of salt, the Island generally well-known as Included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, shared jeep + accommodation at Family Homes. 
The population of Colchani. - Located to the banks of the great Salt Lake, it serves from main entrance to the desert of salt, also known as " Dry Port ", where the intense activity of extraction of salt is observed in handmade form. The residents taught us the drying process, milled and pocketed of the salt, clever for the consumption, after the visit we will continue with the same transport when and to be able to visit: 
Hotel of Salt. - Located in the middle of Salt Lake, built with blocks of salt, so much external as interior, walls, floor, beds, tables, seats, everything of salt with a beautiful view of the Salt Lake, nowadays it can be visited as a museum. In the afternoon we will arrive to San Juan or Chuvica, spend the night and dinner.       

 Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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Day 08: San Juan - Lagoons - Red Lagoon                                                      

 We leave to Green lagoon - located to the feet of the volcano Llicancabur, to a height of 4.350 m.a.s.l., the green colour owes itself high content of magnesium that possess the geologic formations of the area, after our visit to the green lagoon, then we continue to the thermal waters - Polques, there we have lunch, break, then continue to the Red Lagoon  our adventure going to Lagoons, visiting in the itinerary the active volcano Ollague, the lagoons of Cañapa, Stinking, Chiarcota and Sling, lagoons that are populated by flamingos,  in the afternoon we will continue our journey passing the desert of Siloli where we will observe an interesting rocky formation well-known as the Tree of Stone spend the night and dinner.                                          

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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Day 9: Red Lagoon - Green Lagoon - Uyuni                                          

Breakfast. Departure towards Villamar, crossing the Siloli Desert where it is possible to see an interesting rocky formation known as Stone Tree. In this interesting journey passengers will be able to observe the famous llamas, vicuñas and a particular rodent known as viscacha. Enter to the National Reserve of Andean Fauna Eduardo Avaroa and visit the Red Lagoon that is very impressive for its red color, due to a fine reddish sediment accumulation in the surface, as well as the pigmentation of certain type of seaweed. This lagoon is populated by 3 species of flamencos ( among them the famous James ). The trip continues towards Sol de Mañana ( Morning Sun ), this is a place where it is possible to appreciate fumes, geysers and volcanic holes. This landscape remains us the origins of the earth. The final part of the descent leads us to the Green Lagoon, an impressive aquatic mirror that resembles a giant emerald with a particular brightness in the mornings and afternoons; its color is due to the high magnesium content in the water. In the proximities of this lagoon, the Licancahur Volcano is located at ( 5,868 meters above see level ) Box lunch

Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch

Day 10: Uyuni / La Paz / Home                                                                                                                 

a.m. transfer to Uyuni Airport fro your fly to La Paz fly back home                                 

 Meals Included: Breakfast



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